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RoK - Rise of Kingdoms Information and Tips of Game Play

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Rise of Kingdoms - RoK Game is a unitedly playing game, interaction with the friends / members of the alliance which the player joined is most important thing. During the interaction typing skills are not high of every member. Using short forms of the words will lead you more comfortable in getting interacted with other members.

The Short Forms used in RoK Game are shown below :

RoK - Rise of Kingdoms
RoC - Rise of Civilizations
KC - Kingdom Chat
KD - Kingdom
Ally - Alliance
Fam - Family
Clan - Another Account of the Same Player
CH - City Hall
TP - Teleport
TLTP - Territorial Teleport
TDTP - Targeted Teleport
KvK - Kingdom vs Kingdom War
BARB - Barbarians
BF - Barbarian Fort
BF1 - Level 1 Barbarian Fort
BF2 - Level 2 Barbarian Fort
BF3 - Level 3 Barbarian Fort
BF4 - Level 4 Barbarian Fort
BF5 - Level 5 Barbarian Fort
RSS - Resources

Hope, you will get the knowledge of the short forms used in the Rise of Kingdoms Games which are shown above.

Rise of Kingdoms Game Full Form of Words used in the Game
Rise of Kingdoms Game Full Form of Words used in the Game

Enjoy the Game & Rock it...

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